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Germany: The Most Beautiful Homeland

No one has greater right to evaluate a country than the soldier who is ready to give his life for it. We know that German soldiers would fight and die for Germany, even if it were the poorest and most wretched land on earth.

In the Communist-Bolshevist "paradise," however, the German soldier learned what Germany really means. "An employed man in Germany lives better than a lord in comparison to a Bolshevist worker," one letter said, and we know that many Communists who fled to the Soviet Union would prefer to spend a long time in a German prison than live in Bolshevist freedom.

The letters are all a proud and confident affirmation of the Greater German Fatherland.

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Germany the Most Beautiful Country in the Whole Wide World!
Corporal Karl Prox -

to County Propaganda Leader Friedrich, Gross-Strehlitz
In the East, 12.8.1941

We have hard weeks behind us, and are proud of our success against the Soviet foe. We now have time to recover from our exertions.

I am proud to be a German, and to be a member of our wonderful army. Greet everyone back home. I am a long way away. Tell them that Germany is the most beautiful, cultivated country in the whole world. Everyone should be happy to be a German and serve a Fuhrer like Adolf Hitler.