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What Soldiers Want to Do with Grumblers

In the midst of all these experiences, observations and facts, nearly every soldier's letter expresses the wish that the complainers and know-it-alls should see what they have seen! Everyone who has not yet understood the greatness of our age and the significance of this greatest of all battles should see it for himself for a week. Countless millions of our people do their duty and sacrifice in good spirits. They accept the inconveniences of the war cheerfully. But even the most willing occasionally tire of the necessary burdens of everyday life during war. These soldiers' letters are good medicine in such moments. The facts German soldiers report home prove that there is no comparison between the war-related inconveniences we endure and the terrible conditions of perpetual misery that prevail even during "peace" in the Soviet Union. All the soldiers at the front wish that every German who even for a moment loses his energy and enthusiasm would have the chance to gain a personal impression of a country that despite the greatest natural resources and despite 25 years of uninterrupted rule by a government has the worse conditions in the world, conditions that can only be compared with the very worst English colonies. Looking into this abyss will banish all discontent.

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Every Critic of our Efforts should be Sent Here
Soldier Walter Sperath writes -

to the [NSDAP] county office Hamburg 6

Everything I have seen of the so-called workers' paradise is everything but lovely. One should send every citizen who even slightly criticizes our efforts here. He would thank the Fuhrer and the movement that these conditions are not found in our Fatherland. Animals by us live in better conditions than the people here. Our successes so far have been great, and we will not stop until we have rooted out this evil root and branch, which will be a blessing for European culture and humanity.

The People's Eyes are Being Opened

NCO Alfred Rothe, Military Post Number 27 643 -

to his Wife in Kostermannsfeld, Burgstr. 5, 24.7.1941

....even without the war, the people here were impoverished and exhausted. Only the bigwigs lived well in palaces. Now the people's eyes are being opened. Anyone in Germany who still does not believe in communism's terrible crimes should see for himself, and listen to the people. Happy Germany, as I always say.