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List Of Figures

1. German Map Showing the Supposed Deployment of Russian Forces on 22 June 1941

2. Map Showing the Situation on the Southern Flank of Army Group Center, July-August 1941

3. The Marcks Proposal for the Eastern Campaign

4. The Lossberg Study

5. The OKH (Halder) Plan

6. Hitler's Plan for War in 1940

7. Directive Barbarossa

8. The Eastern Zones of the German Empire

9. The Wolfschanze

10. Soviet Tactical and Operational Deployment on June 22, 1941

11. Panzer Group 3 Crosses the Nieman and Captures Vilna

12. The Dnepr-Dvina Land Bridge between Vitebsk and Orsha

13. The Minsk-Novogrudok Pocket

14. Guderian Reaches the Berezina

15. The Denpr-Desna Area and the Creation of the Yelnia Salient

16. The Failure to Close the Smolensk Pocket

17. Russian Map Showing the Plans for a Counterattack around Smolensk in July-August 1941

18. The Southern Flank of Panzer Group 2

19. The Southern Flank of Army Group Center on July 14, 1941

20. The Southern Flank of Army Group Center on July 21, 1941

21. The Situation of Army Groups Center and North on July 21, 1941 \IX\

22. Panzer Groups 2 and 3 on July 27, 1941

23. Panzer Group 2 and Second Army, August 17, 1941

24. The Sadki Penetration in the Area of the 137th Infantry Division

25. The Yelnia Salient and the Soviet Operations Plan

26. The Roslavl Pocket

27. The Soviet Defense of the Dnepr and Sozh Rivers

28. The Krichev Operation

29. The Exposed Flanks of Panzer Group 2

30. The Fall of Gomel, August 20-21, 1941

31. The Valdai Area to the North of Army Group Center

32. Hitler's Plan as of July 26, 1941

33. Halder's Proposal of August 18, 1941

34. The Halder-JodI Compromise of August 22, 1941

35. The Position of Panzer Group 2 in Mid-August 1941

36. Guderian Continues His March South

37. Panzer Group 2 Crosses the Desna at Novgorod-Severski

38. Russian Map Showing the Attacks of the Briansk Front against Guderian's Left Flank

39. Panzer Group 1 Prepares to Strike North from Kremenchug

40. The Closing of the Kiev Encirclement

41. The End of the Battle of Kiev

42. The Briansk-Viazma Twin Battles of Encirclement

43. The Operations Plan for Army Group Center during Operation Typhoon

44. Zhukov's Counterattack near Moscow, 1941

45. The Far-Reaching Goals of the Soviet Moscow Counteroffensive

46. The Stabilization of the Front of Army Group Center in Early 1942

1-A. Structure of the Soviet High Command, July 1941

2-A. Probable Soviet Tank Deployment opposite Army Group Center on June 22, 1941

1-B. Organization of the German Army High Command, 1941 [X\